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The jargon of poker is rich and is not always very understandable for novices who wish to discover the game. You are listed a lexicon of the main terms and definitions to know not to be lost during your search for poker equipment.

Lexicon of the main terms of Poker:

In order to make World Of Poker more accessible and to facilitate your research in equipment, Pokeo offers you a list of the most commonly used terms with their explanation:

ABS: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. It is a solid plastic main component of several ranges of chips like the Dice chips.

Blind: This is the minimum bet to play. The games may include Big Blind & Small Blind chips that rotate in turn between players. Players who have them must either wager the current bet or the minimum bet.

100% Plastic Card VS Cardboard Plastic: The 100% plastic cards are sturdy and give you a long life for your card game. They are neither wrinkle nor tearable, unlike cardboard made of cardboard and covered with a layer of plastic at a very competitive price.

Card Guard: An object to protect your hand and prevent it from being picked up by mistake.

Clay Composite: A clay mixture from which poker chips are made by combining it with plastic.

Cup Holder: An object to hold a drink or other beverage container built into the poker tables .

Dealer: It is the player who distributes the cards of each player and reveals the cards on the table. It is designated by the Dealer button, which passes from player to player and recognizes the role holder.

EPT: European Poker Tour is a series of European Poker tournaments. From 2017, the name will begin to disappear as these tournaments will be merged with the Poker Stars Championship

Index: This is the value of the card inscribed on the corners of it. There are different types of indexes depending on your style of play: Regular index (small size), jumbo index (wider index), double index (value written to the 4 corners of the map), l ‘low vision index (specifically for people with vision problems)

Inlay: The central part of a poker chip.

Jersey: Coating of poker mats for better gliding of cards.

Poker Case: A poker case contains all the essential equipment to play your poker games. On Pokeo, we offer 300, 500 or 1,000 chips depending on the number of players. Our briefcases also contain several decks of cards, 6 dice, a dealer button and a copy of the rules of the game allowing you to better understand your poker games.

Neoprene: Non-slip material allowing the surface of poker mats not to slip during games.

PP: Polypropylene, it is a plastics material making up the tokens in the same way as the ABS. Coupled with clay; it allows to create solid tokens offering a very good quality of play.

Racetrack: Periphery of a poker table allowing to place and slide its chips.

Suede: Synthetic fabric imitating Sweden which is leather with a soft finish

Texas Hold’em : The most popular variant of Poker where players aim to get the best combination possible by composing with their 2 cards in hand and the 5 open cards visible to all.

Timer: Stopwatch to indicate the playing time and the remaining time before the next bet increase.

WSOP: World Series of Poker, it is the World Poker Championships that are held each year in Las Vegas.

WPT: The World Poker Tour is a series of prestigious poker tournaments organized around the world.

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