Make Money With Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs (also called partner programs) are also a great way to earn make money online free . The principle is simple: You can include a partner or affiliate link in your blog. If a visitor clicks on this link and orders something on the linked website (for example at Amazon or another online shop) or if you register for something (eg a newsletter or a lottery), then you get for this Order or register a commission.

The amount of commission depends on the nature of the product or the service and on the conditions of the individual affiliate programs. For electronics, for example, you usually only get between 1 and 4% commission, since the margins are quite small. For digital products, Eg software, access to an online portal, e-books or similar, you can get 30% or even 60% commission. Also affiliate programs in the financial sector (eg insurance or loans) grant high commissions.

3.1 Amazon Partner Program

The most popular and well-known affiliate program among bloggers and website owners in general is probably the Amazon affiliate program .

It is also good for beginners, since the integration of the Amazon partnerlinks into your own blog is easy, you can log on without problems and do not have to go through an application process. Amazon also offers products from just about any area and is suitable for almost every blog topic.

The cookie runtime at Amazon is only one day, that is within 24 hours after one of a visitor clicks on an affiliate link, he has to buy at Amazon, so you get a commission. Many other affiliate programs have cookie terms of 30 or even 60 days. For this you get at Amazon commission for the whole shopping cart, so not only for the products that you linked from your own blog.

3.2 Affiliate networks

If you are interested in higher commissions and would like to advertise other dealers than Amazon on your blog, it is easiest to sign up for an affiliate network. Affiliate networks unite hundreds or even thousands of affiliate programs from online shops and service providers under one roof.

Many advertisers also have self-managed partner programs (so-called in-house partner programs), however, the login via a network has the advantage that you clearly have less administrative effort and can easily compare different partner programs.

The largest affiliate networks for the German market are Zanox and affilinet . There you will find almost everything your heart desires. Other recommended networks are:

  • belboon
  • Superclix
  • Adcell
  • financeAds  (only for financial products)
  • CJ Affiliate  (formerly Commission Junction)
  • Webgains
  • Digistore24  (focus on digital products)

3.3 In-house partner programs

In-house partner programs are called partner programs, which do not run through an affiliate network, but are operated by an online shop themselves.

As a rule, the commissions are somewhat higher because there is no affiliate network in between, which provides for the technical implementation and partner support part of the cake. The partnership itself is usually also closer and more personal. In-house partner programs can also negotiate better and may also benefit from price advantages for their own readers (eg in the form of a personal coupon code).


  • Can be unobtrusively incorporated into the website and do not interfere with the reading flow
  • Embedding possibilities in the blog are manifold
  • Enable significantly higher revenue than Google AdSense
  • It is not necessarily high visitor numbers necessary to make a lot of money with your own blog (one can quite deserve with a blog, which only 6,000 visitors a month, 2.000 € or more a month)
  • Often long cookie terms (even if a visitor clicks on an affiliate link and orders the online shop after 30 or even 60 days, you get a commission)
  • One can profit from the sale of products or services without having to work with shipping or manufacturing the products themselves
  • The tracking of sales, disbursements and invoicing are automated in most affiliate programs and networks
  • There are a variety of affiliate programs and networks, which allows for a diversification of the sources of income (when a partner program closes, one simply binds another)


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