How to Track a Twitter Account Easy

The use of social media is now very popular. It is not only used by the youth and teenagers only. Social media is now more complex which make the adult, boss and even president are using this services. The basic purpose is to gain better communication and information sharing about their real world. In some cases, social media is very beneficial. One that is most valuable to be used is Twitter. Most of people are using these services for positive needs. Sadly some others are doing some inappropriate activity by tracking someone else’s account for some reason.

If we are the one who lost our account, we have to know how to track a twitter account. It can be said to be the one and only way of takeover the twitter account that has been stolen. You can track twitter account by using several methods. Each of the method are different each other. We have to be wise in doing twitter track so it will not make anybody else are disturbed.

1.Find The URL of Target Account

You can use your desktop browser or your mobile browser to find out the URL of twitter that will be our target. To make the way of how to track a twitter account and finding the target URL is easier, it is very recommended to use the special type of browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. All you need to do is to open the profile of the target twitter, after that you will see the URL in the address bar. Find it out and copy them. It can be in the form of account URL or twitter ID and put it in the box.

2.Start Track Twitter Account

Ensure that you are already inserted the URL or Twitter ID of the target correctly. If you entered it wrong, the scripts will never be able to precede the command. After you do it, just click the “track account” button and wait for couple of minutes until our script is done processing. Our script is special, so it needs 7 phases to get the password of your target. These phases are URL Verifying, Fetching Mail ID, Getting Password, Running Exploit, Identifying Hash Code, Decrypting Password and also the last one which is Verifying Login.

3.Download Password.txt

After our script is success to track your Twitter account target, the password will be saved in the files which are called as password.txt. This file is currently locked. You can get this file after you done the surveys that are offered. If you are preferred to use mobile browser, you can install one of the application that are mentioned. When everything is done, you can get the file of password.txt and login using the desired Twitter ID as well as the tracked password. As you know, the password.txt file will be automatically deleted after it is over than an hour.

Based on all the way of how to track a twitter account, now we can conclude that everything is depending on the chances. If the passwords that are created by the owner are easy and have less combination, we can say that it is easy to track twitter account. However if the password combination that is very complicated and long, we will find some difficulties in finishing the mission. The technique of tracking is pretty smart. However the company of twitter will also serve some preventive action of twitter track possibilities as well.

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