How Can You Earn Money With Your Blog?

There are several ways for real make money online with your blog . We will mention a few examples below:

Affiliate Marketing . This means that you write articles in which you process links to affiliate programs and do these programs to affiliate marketing. To name an example, we write a book review on a cookbook and place a link to the website partner program in this article. Every time someone orders a book through this link, we get a small percentage of the sales price.

This amount will save you up and let you pay in so much time (for example, monthly or three months). Many webshops offer an affiliate program. So even if you write books on other things (for example, kitchen appliances, clothes, cosmetics or garden supplies), you can join such a program. Becoming a member is always free and it works quite easily.

Banners on your website . When we were not yet blogging, we only had Google Adsense banners on our blog. These banners can place any blogger, even if your blog is still small. You do not deserve a lot, but hey, at the beginning, every euro has been taken well. After all, maintaining a blog also costs money and it’s nice if you almost get these costs out of this way.

But how about the big, non-Google Adsense banners? That goes through media agencies. When your blog has enough readers, you will be approached sooner or later by a media agency. We were asked for this when we had some 60,000 readers – but there are bloggers who were previously approached. It can also be a little bit on your subject. With our subject (‘green lifestyle’), it was quite a risk for the agency to contract us – after all, they should be looking for campaigns that fit with us. With another blog, this can be easier, which makes you so interesting for the agencies.

When you agree with a collaboration, they will then arrange the banners on your site. We have made clear agreements with our media agency: what banners do we want and which ones? Sometimes it happens, by accident, that there is a banner on our site that we are not happy with, but after 1 call it has been removed. Top service!

How do you earn money with banners? Banners go by number of clicks or views. Sometimes it works like this: If the link is clicked 100 times, you get an X amount. Or: If the advertisement has been shown 1000x, you will get an X amount. In general, you will see the same banner as a reader three times and then disappears. Banners may be the most passive form of money with your blog – you do not have to worry about it.

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