Google Adsense Account And Beyond To Generate Revenue

Ideas to generate revenue with blogs:

Google Adsense : certainly the most popular option. Buy Adsense Account offers contextual ads with a click model. Google Adsense Account is an attractive way to generate revenue with a web. If your website does not have a specific niche and deals with topics in general, it may be a good option. Google stays with about 30% .

One of the ways to make money online via blogging is by displaying advertisements on your blog. AdSense is one of the ad network.

Affiliate networks : if you are an affiliate you assume the risk of showing advertising without receiving anything in return. This model generates only revenue if you provide records or sales to the advertiser. On other models it is enough to launch impressions or clicks. The affiliate marketing works well for very specialized sites if there are advertisers for it at the same time.

Marketplaces : marketplaces do not appear as long as the other options. For websites with high traffic are a good option since they work mainly with campaigns to CPM models (cost per thousand impressions). In Spain you have, for example, ADPV and Impresiones Web.

Intext-ads : An additional way to generate revenue in an automated way are sponsored links within the article. This format in some cases is not very well seen by the user because it confuses it with a normal link. If you already have a lot of publicity on the web, you have to assess whether it is worth risking anger your readers.

WordAds: Despite creating a lot of hope among webmasters, WordAds after its launch in 2011 has probably failed to live up to expectations. At first it was only available for but end 5 years later is available to all .

It is best to combine the different advertising models online and above all do not rely solely on Google Adsense. Those webmasters who implement all the models in their web, usually have after a learning phase the best results.

Attempting to find advertisers proactively is x-times more profitable for the webmaster than automated models. At the same time they are much more difficult because not all websites are attractive enough for a direct hiring.

Sponsored Content : It is true that there are platforms that give you access to advertisers who want to place publicity reports on blogs. However it is not an automated process since it requires work every time there is a hiring. Blog-sponsored content is the most popular way to advertise online in this medium.

Direct sale : It is normal to send many mails and make cold calls to be successful. A key factor is your blog. If you do not exceed 500,000 visits a month is very complicated.

There are more options that I have not mentioned as the sale of links since they can penalize the site. Other formats such as pop-ups or site-unders can give a lot of profitability but are very annoying to the user. In the end it is always good to have alternatives to Google as they control virtually the entire advertising market on the internet.

My recommendation to monetize a blog

It is not advisable to put ads from the first day. Especially at the beginning you are much more likely to receive links from third-party sites if there is no marketing signal. This will make your blog grow faster in traffic.

Advertising should not be bothering and it must add value to existing content. To increase the likelihood of selling directly to an advertiser not put Google Adsense, you could also hire out there and probably at a much lower price than you have in mind.

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