Dry Oil Overnight For Skin

Dry oils are characterized by the fact that they penetrate the skin particularly well and nourish the skin. This makes them suitable for many skin types, even for the more oily skin. In phases, if your skin is particularly scaly, dry or sensitive, these oils are ideal.

Apply generously over night, instead of the usual cream, your skin is richly maintained. A few drops in the morning provide for fast glow.

By using theseĀ best natural skin care brands oils pure, they do not contain unnecessary additives such as preservatives, emulsifiers, perfumes and the like. This makes them particularly compatible and gentle.

An oil, which you should try absolutely, is argan oil. It is suitable for all skin types. For example, thistle oil is suitable for acne.

Tip: Before applying the oil, moisten your face with water, which not only drains the oil particularly well into your skin, but it is also moisturized.

Zinc cream for pimples

Inflamed impurities such as pimples and pustules can be done overnight with little work.

For this you wear some zinc cream on the affected area – this ointment is strongly inflammation-inhibiting and has a drying effect. Often, the inflammation (the real reason why the pimple looks and looks striking) the next morning completely disappears and the pimple can be easily covered. The perfect alternative to squeezing, which can often make the inflammation even worse and unsightly pimple marks.

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