Best Tools For Twitter in Analytics And Authority

  1. Crowdbooster

This application analyzes the Twitter and Facebook account to offer us specific tips and tools to improve followers, interactions, etc.

  1. TweetReach

How far have our tweets traveled?

  1. SocialBro

It is one of the best tools to measure and analyze our Twitter account and that of our competitors. It is the work of 3 Engineers of Cordoba, who a year ago opened their offices in London, motivated by the very good acceptance worldwide of its tool.

  1. Twitonomy

With this tool you can analyze tweets, retweets, mentions, links, hashtags, fonts, etc …

You can also monitor users, lists and keywords.

  1. Twitter binder

This tool allows us to analyze Twitter keywords and hashtags as follows:


Best tools for Twitter in authority

  1. Peer index

This free tool allows us to measure our authority on Twitter, establishing a numerical value between 1 and 100. It establishes 8 thematic areas to establish which are the ones that interest us most. These areas are: art, media and entertainment; Technology and the Internet; Science and the environment; Health; sports; Politics and society; Business and economy; And leisure and lifestyle.

  1. Followerwon

Free tool very simple to use that measures the authority of our account, as well as being able to compare our authority on Twitter with 2 other accounts.

  1. Klout

This free tool calculates the degree of influence in your social networks; Twitter, Facebook, Google and Linkedin. The authority on Twitter measures it with a numerical value ranging from 1 to 100.

We can also see our best moments in each of the social networks, as well as the most influential users and issues that matter most to us

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