A History Of Toys, A History Of Toy Log Trucks.

As always, taking advantage of the holidays, and with all the time ahead, I plan to visit exhibitions concerning the toy world.

This time has been the temporary exhibition that the Toy Museum of Ibi, has given to the historical toy manufacturer Gozán.

Toy company settled in Ibi, which began its journey back in the 50s, making beautiful wooden toy log trucks and tin.

Already entered the 60s, they replaced the materials previously used by plastic and cold rolled sheet, which was more accessible and economical.

The 70s were years of splendor, with models of great success, which would remain in catalog for more than 20 years.

In 1984, the company became a public limited company, under the name of Gozán , until the 90’s, which ceased production.

The exhibition, in 12 showcases, gathers a careful selection  of the most representative of Gozan throughout its more than 50 years.

All the pieces exhibited are part of the collection donated in 2005 by the partners of the company following the cessation of its activity.

What stands out, referring to the nickname of the exhibition, are, without a doubt, the toy log trucks.

We can enjoy from the first models of drag, made of wood and painted tin, with the rubber tires,  like the models, 146 and 149, of the 50s, the super-known metal toy log trucks coloso porta minis of the 60s, the famous model Tigre 2000 Crane ,  a very curious model of truck with reference nº 333 of the 7th, the forklift cable  also directed , of the 70s, the truck crane assistance in highway with model car seat 1430 and the bus  Tormobus of the Year 1983, that was an exact replica  that used in its displacements the Valencian pilot Ricardo Tormo.

Also noteworthy is the  transformable Action Cistern toy log trucks with F-15 reactor, which was awarded the gold ring at the toy fair in 1990.

Perhaps a general review, I have missed the format of a car carrier, the famous renault 5, or some model of seat 1500, like some catalog of the first era.

But the truth is that once seen the exhibition is a good taste when seeing so much history represented at one time.


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